Thursday, June 30, 2011

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Another big day for the McClain's! Today we decided to take advantage of Mastories $10.50 lunch special. Can you believe they had chicken pot pie on the special. I know D I should not be telling you this but GranT and I both ordered it. You are right, It was fabulous! Wyatt was very excited to eat at Mastories too. When your almost two year old is climbing the stairs to the restaurant and yelling "Mastories!!!!" it probably means we eat there too often. Once inside it only got more apparent he knew the place. We proudly walked inside, shot the moose in the bar, then hurriedly followed the waitress to our booth. Which happened to be near the big mounted Marlin. Wyatt climbed up into the booth yelling, "fishy, fishy, fishy" the whole time!

After Mastories we headed to Washington's Crossing just opposite Trenton in Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful park, but unfortunately the visitors center and museum was under construction. Wyatt still had fun climbing on the cannons and looking at the boats. We attempted to watch a 12 minute video but had to excuse ourselves early. At one point Wyatt found his sippy cup, took a drink, found it to be empty and yelled "DARN IT!!!" Thankfully, only three other people were trying to watch the video with us.

Washington's Crossing

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Washington's Crossing

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Washington crossing the Delaware

Washington Crossing the Delaware


We went to the Red White and Blue Thrift Store today with GranT. She spoiled Wyatt and bought him this huge bag of construction trucks. While driving home I kept hearing Wyatt asked for "more truckies". Then GranT would hand him a truck. Finally, I was curious enough to look back and see what was going on. He was covered in trucks and still asking for more. :)


Our favorite past time. Playing at the park. It was getting late fast due to a late nap. W went down at 330pm and up at 530pm. Which put us at the park till 830pm! The summer sun shine really messes with our schedule.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 day photo challenge

Day 30: family

Pap with his three grandkids! Just wait till August and there will be four! :)

30 day photo challenge

Day 29: tree

Wyatt stopped along our walk and said, "pine tree!".


Best cousins. Beth and Silas :)

Ice Cream

Wyatt loves to eat ice cream!! Can you blame him? I let him have a cone after lunch today. Which really means he eats about 1/4 of it and he shares the other 3/4 with mommy. I think it's a good ratio :)

After this picture, W laid down for a nap, GranT mowed and weed eated the yard and I hung the stroller in the garage and hung shelves in the toy closet! It was a busy day but the house is finally getting in order!!


W didn't forget his favorite past time, getting the mail!

New paper boy

Wyatt and he's, three year old, friend D went to the park today. On their way back home they both found a newspaper to carry and a rock! Such boys. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day by day

Today, whew! What a whirl wind of accomplishments. I hurried along this morning to a doctors appointment while GranT kept Wyatt. What a blessing to have an extra set of hands!

The Doctors appointment went very well. I was able to meet the first of five doctors in the all female practice. She was lovely and was just coming back from maternity leave herself. I got my all anticipated glucose test results back. Only a 99 blood glucose after consuming 50mg of sugar. Way to go pancreas!! I wasn't even borderline gestational diabetic this time. :) In hindsight, Sonic slushies and ice cream every night just should not have been justified because we lived in Texas and it was hot! The Doctor also measured my fundal height and little man is growing right on schedule. Which also means his Momma is growing too!

After the doctors appointment, I picked up GranT and W for a lunch date and commissary trip. GranT helped lasso Wyatt while I ordered food. She managed to get a high chair and carry it clear across the dinning area to a quiet area for us. She put Wyatt in the chair and he discovered it was broken! He was very upset and yelled "Darn It" because the strap was missing. GranT then had to do the whole procedure over again, this time with careful attention to finding a perfectly working high chair it.

Wyatt yells "Darn It" at very appropriate times. However, we are trying to train his little brain to think of other words like, "goodness gracious" or "oh man". So, far no luck! He yells "darn it" if a poobie falls, if he drops his cup or if he trips. Just about anything will set him off and out comes...DARN IT!!!!! Now to help clarify, he changes his voice to this low pitched very manly like tone as he yells, "Darn it". Really it's very funny the first few times, but I can't have a kid running around saying "darn it" when I don't even say that! What a silly boy!

We over hauled the nursery after lunch (details to come later). Then after dinner we went on a walk and to the park!

Home again

I am so thankful to be HOME. I have been blessed with some amazing time with family. Made many memories that I'll cherish forever. And, although the trip back and forth is brutal. I'll merrily do it again when the next opportunity comes our way.

This trip was made easier by GranT graciously offering to drive back home with me then stay for a while. I took her up on this offer! Somehow she willing joined my hillbilly circus. We drove 500 miles in a hail damaged Durango, thank you Xenia, whose front left tire makes a squeaking sound. But, you only hear the squeaking at 40mph and slower which means only in parking lots and gas stations do you really get noticed! Then to top it off, I'm largely pregnant, chasing an almost two year old, and the two dogs are loosing their minds at every stop. It was comical to say the least. The poor toll booth people had to feel sorry for us. At each stop the dogs would start barking which then freaked W out so bad that he would start to cry uncontrollably. I have to get an ez pass before baby number two arrives.

A few favorite memories of the day. Wyatt giving cookie monster a piggy back ride!

W telling GranT to "turn it up" while watching a DVD.

Wyatt asking to go to "cookie monsters house".

Wyatt telling me that the "car pooped".

Wyatt saying, "stupid Gertie". Haha Guess who said that first!

Wyatt singing, "sing a song", "twinkle twinkle star", "move on back, move on back", "jingle bells, jingle bells", and "tap, tap, tap".

Translations: "sing a song" is Sing, sing, sing a song about Jesus.

"twinkle, twinkle star" is Twinkle twinkle little star.

"Move on back" is The wheels on the bus go round and round.

Jingle bells (self explanatory...I hope)

"tap, tap, tap" is Jesus helped in
Many ways, helping Joseph in his shop and his hammer went tap, tap, tap, as they worked each day.

I love this kid, love my family and can't wait to have us all together again soon!

Monday, June 27, 2011

30 day photo challenge

Day 28: transportation

30 day Photo challenge

Day 27: weakness

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm looking

We, meaning Charlie, Gertie and I, saw a baby robin fall out of it's nest. Gertie immediately took off after it. I was screaming for her to leave it alone, Charlie was clueless and mommy robin was swooping down and pecking Gertie in her behind! The little baby robin found safety in the tall grass and I got the dogs pinned up.

Later that evening we saw the baby robin out in the yard with the mommy bird feeding it. I showed Wyatt the baby robin and he delighted in watching it hop around the yard. He made several comments about the bird.

"I'm looking, I'm looking"
"I can't see it!!!"
"Paci baby bird night night"

30 day photo challenge

Day 26: favorite color

How appropriate that Wyatt picked me lavender today. It is my favorite color!

30 day photo challenge

Wyatt threw down the flowers because the construction truck needed it's picture taken too.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Cookie Monsters photo op.


W loves his cookie monster! He was
Feeding him breakfast today.


They probably think they smell a cat.


On our walk Wyatt gathered, sticks, rocks, and dandelions.



What a great uncle.


Ryan and Wyatt fixing a flat tire.


One of my favorite days happened unplanned today. My favorite days always end up just happening too. Today Wyatt and I were taking a day off. Which means no running around visiting family members, no shopping trips, no grocery store no errands to run! My big plan for the day... Take a walk with my dogs and the kid. I know you are busting with excitement too!

We got a morning walk in after breakfast were Wyatt had his first Piggy back ride. He thought that was fun and even pretended to turn the key on my back and said, "vroom vroom".

Then, the lazy afternoon rolled in. Mary and Ryan stopped by to play. Wyatt and Ryan playing motorcycles crashing into each other and wheelies. Then they had to leave and Wyatt took a nap. I was able to take a blessed nap too! As I woke up, Lorna and Maya stopped in and with in minutes the "hillbillies" Erin, Beth and Luke came over too. I got to talk with my wonderful sisters and enjoy their company while all the kids played. It was glorious! I am so thankful for days like today.


Does this angle look slightly dangerous to you? It did to me too. Wyatt thinks swinging backwards on the swing is great fun. I'm sure it is, but I don't trust his judgment yet. I foresaw him falling head first over the swing. In fact, that is exactly what happened. He leaned too far over the back of the swing and he fell out, landed on his head, and then flipped over backwards. Did he cry? Was he upset? Nope, he and Luke both laughed!


Wyatt, realizing that his picture was being taken, says Cheese!









Eating gummies :)


This child has a sense of humor and if you know he's father and mother you would understand why. Yesterday, W had gummies to share with Luke and Beth. Luke ate a few then decided it would be more fun to stuck them on his face and look blankly at us while we laughed!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Did you know

I was told a story from my little sister that I don't recall ever hearing. She is committed to the truth of this story and in no way could I convince her otherwise.

Mary: Do you remember that time when D told us about him and his friend were sneaking around at their college and found the bomb shelter! Me: No??
Mary: remember they were in the bomb shelter and there were frozen blocks of milk stack up.
Me: what?!?!
Mary: yes, D came home and told us they found the bomb shelter with frozen blocks of milk!

So, D does this sound familiar??

Rainy day

We had big plans for today.
Plan 1. Go to the sprinkler park
But, it was supposed to be 67 degrees.
Plan 2. Go to Eagles Nest, a huge wooden park in bellbrook.
But, then it started raining!
Plan 3. Go to the indoor play area at the mall.

Little boys didn't know the difference and were happy with the mall. Beth understood the difference! She called it a crappy day that ruined all the fun! But, she was easily persuaded to be happy after promising a strawberry milkshake. :) Ah, to be able to cure disappointment with food! That's my kind of kid!

Side note: same milk shake when dropped by Erin will splatter all over said person in the middle of the mall! Imagine if you will: tiny pink droplets in your hair, on your face, shirt, pants, shoes, stroller and somehow also on your back. Could have been worst. Glad it wasn't.

Rainy day

Rainy day

As Wyatt climbed up this slide he was telling me, "I need paci". I made the mistake of saying you don't need while you are playing. He then continued to make this pathetic face and whine about "neeeeding Paciiiii".

Raining day

30 day photo challenge

Day 25: citrus

W loves lemons! Yes, if he see a lemon in your water glass he will start asking frantically for it. Stating matter of factly, "I need it, lemon, pleeease".

And, if you give the boy a lemon he's going to ask for ice. If you give him ice to munch. He is going to need more lemon, more ice and eventually, he will ask for a napkin to wipe off his "nasty" hands. Sounds very similar to the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie" doesn't it. Let's just say don't give W a cookie either because then he is going to need a glass of milk to dip the cookie in...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little silly boy!

I wrapped Wyatt's little wet body up in a fluffy towel and pulled him out of the tub. I showed him himself all wrapped up like a burrito while I held him in front of the mirror. He was laughing and saying, under a muffled Paci, "toot toot". "What", I'd ask? And he'd repeat the same thing. I pulled his Paci out and while still laughing he leaned forward into my arm with his little butt in my face and "tooted" twice! All this while laughing even harder! "Shoo Wee Wyatt you are stinky" I told him. He thought that was even more reason to laugh harder "toot" again and say "shoo wee". If this is my life when he isn't even two, Lord Help Me! :)

30 day photo challenge

Day 24: love

Not only do these two really love each other, but I love their little bruised up legs!!

Climb any mountain

Reaching the peak!!!

Climb any mountain

I just love this little guy! Check out how intensely he is concentrating. You can gauge the difficulty of the task by how far his tongue is stuck out.

Day with GranT 2

Wyatt took his school bus to show daddy. He showed and talked to daddy about the bus and then showed him each "poobie". :) It was beyond adorable. Sorry, Daddy this is a very old picture.