Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wyatt 7 Months

Well we have a growing boy these days! He is full of laughter as he studies the new world around him. This photo shoot was by far the most challenging. As you can see I even gave up trying to get a shot with the "7 Months" sign. It was getting distorted and I thought he probably shouldn't consume the printer ink. I also thought Gran-T would especially like some of these more serious poses.


Can you see my two front teeth?

Hey Ladies

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Bloggers I love

I have recently been loving to read other bloggers blogs. I like to get a glimpse into other peoples life (is that bad?) invite myself into their homes and world. Here are my two favorite lady bloggers.

My new favorite is The pioneer woman. I found her when two of my girl friends had her linked to their blogs. I don't think they actually know her but we can all pretend we do.

My older favorite is the Nester. She used to be more down to earth with great tips for free. But, now she charges for consulting. Boo!! She also makes great unnecessary but totally necessary tassels.

How you find the time to check out both these gals and get inspired. I know that I now long to live on a ranch and decorate with my rustic Texas furniture!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

McGuire Base Houseing

We are still living on base in temporary housing, which is fine and we plan to be here till March. However, we are starting to really long for our "stuff" and a house we can call our own. It is getting exciting watching the new houses being built.

If we were to ever buy in New Jersey we like two neighborhoods that are close to base. The first area is in Columbus, NJ called Mapleton off route 68. Really nice newer homes that are 12 minutes from base.

The second area is in Westampton, NJ off Smithville Road about 15 minutes for base. A little older homes that are in a quite family neighborhood.
If you are moving to this area anything soon. You should zillow these two neighborhood. Another fabulous neighborhood is Bobbys Run in Lumberton. Pemberton doesn't have the best reputation but they are building new homes in an area called the Preserve at Rancocas Creek.
That's all I got for now. I'll try and post more pictures as the base housing gets closer to being finished.

Wyatt Wednesday (a little late)