Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Camden Aquarium

This aquarium was amazing!
Here is a picture Beth took of Luke. I didn't realize she had the camera until Luke started to cry. "Beth did you drop the camera on Luke?"
her reply, "Kinda".

So serious for being eaten by a shark. At least her Daddy is trying to save her life.

Somehow this picture looks so inappropriate.

Oh, Now that is much better.

Beth is rocking the 80's hair.

Such a sweet moment.

We could have watched those fish for hours!

Wyatt stayed awake the whole time. He was totally mesmerized by the exhibits.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Since we have moved I have not be able to get a routine established that allows me to feel like I am keeping up with the housework. Instead lately, I find myself doing laundry, cleaning and picking up the kitchen all day everyday. It has gotten tiring! I decided to do some research on how other stay at home mom organize their days. I came up with this so far...
Monday- Market (grocery store etc)
Tuesday- Tidy up
Wednesday- Wash (laundry and change sheets)
Thursday- Tidy up
Friday- Fun day (free to do whatever needs done or not)
Saturday- Spot clean
Sunday- Spot clean if needed
Please let me know how you organize your day!

Crayola Factory

We went to the Crayola factory as a surprise for Beth.
See below as I was able to catch her excited lil face.
(Ok well anyone who knows Beth right now knows that she is much too busy to take time out of her busy day for a photo shoot. And, if you manage to get her to stand still she will by no means look at the camera when you shoot.)

This place was a clean up crews worst nightmare. Glitter, glue, construction paper, streamers, ribbon, markers, crayons all over the place. But, we all had a great time.
Wyatt wanted his picture taken.
Beth watched how crayons were made with Daddy.
Did you know Crayola uses corn starch to adhere the wrapper to the crayon.
That way its totally edible...kinda.

Wisdom of a Four year old

While watching a commercial for H&R block...

" We need that!"
"You don't know what you are talking about"
"Yes, I do!! Cause, I watch commercials and I know!!!"


Little Luke 6 weeks old.

We feel your pain, Beth!
Almost a
good picture!

So sweet.

Well maybe we can photo shop Luke in to this one.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 months old

Well it's about time....

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New year! So it has been some time since3 the last post! I am sorry about the delay for all my fans. With Christmas and Family in town the time just got away from me. I was attempting to get several posts done today but, someone not to mentions any names, woke up from his nap and now thinks I should pay all attention to him :-)
Wyatt petting charlie, what a good sport.

My Christmas card wall, this was taken earlier in December and I have received several cards since then. Thank you to everyone who sent us a card. It really made us fill like we were getting to celebrate Christmas with our friends and family.

Here's looking at you kid

Have a holly jolly Christmas.

The unwrapping nap

The excitement of Christmas was just too much for Charlie.

Gran-T was able to come and spend Christmas day with us!

Unwrapping a present, guess what was more fun.....The paper! Yummy!!
Our big boy and some of his Christmas gifts! Lucky little boy.