Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I got out Wyatt's bumbo seat to see if he was able to seat in it yet. He is almost two months, so he really is too little still. But, He is starting to hold his head up, so I couldn't resist seeing if he would like his seat.

A little wobbly at times.

Laughing it up!

Trying to figure out what mom is doing!

Fat toes

I had Wyatt sitting in my lap the other day when i noticed a bulge on his big toe! i looked it over and squeezed and contemplated why this toe looked so big. Then I discovered nothing was wrong with my kiddos toes. He just has fat toes! Actually, his feet look just like his Daddy's feet.
Silly liitle boy! We were on a walk and I got this little picture.


My friend Darcie at works loves Twinkies! And honestly, who doesn't...except Tiff because she had never had one! Poor thing! Anyway, I looked up on line and found a recipe for homemade Twinkies. They did not disappoint! Oh they were so good and the filling was almost perfect. I almost made myself sick eating so many!They are a little bigger than your average Twinkies...but no one complained.

Little Duckie

A friend at work bought this outfit for Wyatt and she knitted the duck feet booties! i think he looks awfully cute. I was going to let him be a duck for Halloween but this picture is already about three weeks old. Guess what, it doesn't fit anymore! I think in this picture he kinda looks like me.
This outfit is by Mud Pie and they make several little outfits based on E-I-E-I-O. We have this one and the horse outfit too. They are so cute.