Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They say it's your Birthday.....

Happy Birthday to Denise!!Here is the whole gang at Chilli's:
Kenny, Elizabeth, Tiffany, Kendra, Katie, Denise and Me

All material at Wal-mart is 25% off

The rummor has been floating around Del Rio that the Wal-mart's craft department was closing. We now know it is at least paritcally true. I talked with thee ladies that work in the sewing section and they informed me that anything that must be "cut by hand" is going to be eliminated. So, any material, ribbon or trim will no longer be sold. In the mean time, I have been enjoying the 25% off sale.
Here is the mess that has been in my dinning room the last three days.

Here are the results of that mess! I made this one piece bib for a cousin in law that is having a little girl.
I wish the colors picked up better. The burp cloths are a hot pink and lime green.
The reverse side of the bib. I can't take too much credit for this project since Rita gave me one for baby Mac and I simply copied her pattern.

I also made this little burp cloth. It's kinda plan, but I couldn't figure out what else to add...

Lovin' the Man in Brown

Like Clock work 2:30 rolls around and my mouth begins to water. Sure enough..ding dong!! Look how much the UPS man must like me. Even Charlie and Gerty are getting excited about all the packages that have been arriving. Thank you for all the wonderful shower gifts!!
The frog pod, Baby Bjorn carrier, rear view mirror thingy, car seat pad and Bumbo!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Military Families

As many of you already know an F-16 went down at Hill Air Force Base in Utah on Monday. This was a fine young man who was stationed here at Laughlin for three years as a T-6 instructor. We were members with him and his wife at First Baptist Church of Del Rio. Please remember his family and dear wife in your prayers and thoughts.

I love the UPS man

The UPS man has been making several visits to my house lately. I always get excited if it's around 2:30pm and the door bell rings one time. I am starting to act like Pavlov's dog! I instantly think there will be a package at the door wanting for me. A few weeks ago he brought me the car seat and stroller combo. This is the Baby Trends jogging stroller. No, I haven't actually ever jogged in my life! I just think that once the baby is born I MIGHT start jogging. Plus, hubby does so maybe he'll use it.
The Car Seat and Stroller separated.
And two bases!! I wanted to put the car seat in the car but Hubby told me NO. He said people would think it was pretty silly to have car seat ready in the car when the baby isn't due for another two month. Gee, He had to be all realistic!
Then today around 2:30 Ding Dong! My mouth began to water as I rushed to see what my favorite man in brown brought to me. Just look at those pretty packages!

I wasted no time in ripping into the packages like it was Christmas morning. The bouncer from Grace and Warren arrived!! The changing pad also came!! I ending up being able to get it from the many gift cards I'd received to BRU.

And, drum roll please! The swing, it was so cute to watch Hubby try out all these new toys. Of course, Gerty is afraid of the swing and Charlie has already tried to take the teddy bear off the bouncer. I am sure he thought it was a chew toy.

Mary graduates from Sinclair

My little sister graduated from Sinclair Community College with her degree in Visual communications. Congrats to Mary and a job well done! I am so proud of her for sticking to it!!
On the way down... Getting her diploma...

On the way back up.... Yippee it all over and Mary is a graduate! Mom, Jim and MaryMary and Ryan. Mary was displaying her cap which was very nicely decorated just like any good VIS grad would do.


I know this is really hard to see and it is probably torture to those of you who really want to see what this little man looks like, but this is the best shot we could get. The sono tech Nora was up in L&D the other day doing a sono on another patient. When I saw her and asked, "Hey, Nora you wanna sono me next?" Now I was only half joking. But, she said "Sure!" I then told her really it was OK and I didn't need a sono and she probably didn't have time anyways. But, she insisted that she did have time and that we could try and do a 3d/4d sono! I was sold!! So after she was finished up with the other lady, we went to the treatment room and she started playing around with him trying to get a good picture. Now he is a little stinker because he loves to suck his thumb and keep his hands either covering his face or right next to his mouth. But, after much persistent and me turning side to side, he finally dropped his hands long enough to grab a few pictures. The cutest thing he did, which we didn't capture, was tilting his head back to take a big yawn! I guess we will have to wait another 6-8 weeks before we really see what he looks like.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ballet and Beth

While visiting in Ohio I was able to attend the Ballet. This was by far the best Ballet recital I have ever seen! I hope you enjoy it too.

Baby shower gifts

I am not sure or not, but it might be a little weird to take pictures of all the gift you get for a baby shower. But, I was so excited to get everything home and unpacked that I wanted to be able to show my friends that weren't able to attend the shower what all baby mac got. He is so ridiculously blessed. I don't know what else this child could need.....college tuition? I like things nice and clean so I thought this car seat under mat was a must! I also wanted to get a changing pad for the sideboard that I plan to use as a changing table. So, thanks to Dora, Brittney and Nola for their gift card to Babies R Us I was able to get both items for baby Mac.
Yipeee!! The swing! I love it and I owe a HUGE Thank you to Dan and Mindi.

Darla also gave me a gift card to BRU and I was able to get this night sight mirror.
Erin insisted that this was another must have, and I agree. I think it's a good idea to keep an eye on the little man while driving especially for the big move when he is 3-5 months old.

Originally, I registered for the Bentwood rocker. But, upon closer examination and consumer reports I found that this bouncer may fit our lives better. So, I returned the Bentwood rocker from Grandma and Grandpa Bales and exchanged it for this one. Thanks Grace and Warren! (Or, my nieces, mothers, husbands, step-mother in laws parents).

Erin and Beth got baby Mac this cutie frog pod for his bath.

I ended up returning the swing from Stephaine, Kathy and Pat and instead got this Baby Bjorn carrier. I have only heard great things about it and I saw a lady in the airport put her kid in it with one hand. I was totally impressed. (I even told her so) Thanks to Julie C. for the bumbo, I know he will love it.

Look how talented my sister Lorna is! http://doonedesigns.blogspot.com/ She even blogged about the shoes and bibs! Rita got him the receiving blanket and Judy and Ashley picked up a few onesies too.
A few great outfits! Thank you to the Strothers.

Melody picked out a little robe for our little boy! Nancy G. got him a few bibs. Debbi picked out the "I love my grandma" sleeper for Mom. But, I was allowed to bring it home, thanks Debbi.

The bath luve is all the rage, or so I am informed. It is basically a towel you place over the baby so they don't get cold while you bathe them. This baby got two luve from Judy and Ashley, K.K., Kathy Stephanie, Pat and Aubriana!

Cute little outfits from Erin and Ruth.

Kristi Jo, Pat, and Melody picked out cute clothes! This kid has clothes clear up to 24 months.

The preppy look. You know he'll be able to pull it off thanks to Tiff, Debbi and Pat!

Some of the softest blankets! Emma and Anna really picked out some cute blankets and KK hooked me up with the bath towels and wash cloths. I already washed the towels and have them stored in the bathroom. Judy and Ashley got him the green fleece blanket too.

Love, love this bather. We used something very much like this when I worked in the NICU and it works great. Also, Tina recommended it too. I will do my best to keep those ducks in a row, Louise! The little lamb is from Ruth, wrist rattles from Melody and the puppy is from Jennifer and Emma. Jess got baby Mac the wooden croc rattle, isn't it cute!

A little airplane theme thanks to Jess, Jill and Candace. I love target for developing this brand for me. Now if I could only convince them to develop a store in Del Rio. Melody got him the bib.

Bum Genius diapers!! http://www.cottenbabies.com/ to get your very own cloth diapers. Thank you to Lorna and Angie.

Stephanie, Erin and Mom made His Daddy was very happy to see his collection of book. Daddy said, "Well, you know he is going to love books."

More books from Grandma, Betty, and Tina!!

Thanks Rita, I think this is great. If anyone knows how messy my hubby can get while eating, this full body bib is a must have. I am planning on make several more like it.

As if Chris and Mabi haven't already given me enough!

Ruth P. gave the little man these bibs and Nancy Goodman couldn't resist giving us Trevor's old bloomers! I love them!Debbie P. gave me this boppy cover and Kelli M. gave me a few of her favorite things. Debbie R found this great little tikes toy and Beth picked out the airplane sippy for her cousin. Beth also thinks that the baby will call me, "Aunt Leigh Ann" not Mommy.Your know we have to represent! Thank you to Jill and Candace who supplied the OSU outfit and Cora who picked out the Cincinnati Reds outfit. I can't wait to get a picture of Grandpa Eldon and baby Mac together in their matching outfits.

Disclaimer: Not all gifts are pictured and just in case you are wondering, I am working on thank you notes :-)