Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Shower Gifts

A huge and heartfelt thank you to all the lovely ladies and Gent. who attended my baby shower in Del Rio. Also, a super huge thanks to Beth Ann despite the fact that she was moving out of her house, relocating to NJ and Jamie had been gone for several weeks still planned and hosted a wonderful shower. I am truly blessed to have such a great group of friends. So, then for

my Ohioans who have been asking me, "So what did you get at your shower...." here is the list. Thank you all once again!
Landy, Lisa, and Laci all got me theses Boppies. Is it bad to keep both? I don't think so! I am planning on sitting on one if i have an episiotomy! haha

Bodysuits and little pants.

A few uber cute bibs and socks...cause you don't want the baby to put his feet in his mouth.

Fantastic seamstress Lana made this tote bag.

Grandma Etta sent me both of these diaper bags pretty much as soon as we found out we were pregnant. I love them both!

More little clothes for the little man.

Alicia and Crissi got me a few outfits. Crissi's little boy (Garret expected arrive date THUR!!!) also has the little blue plaid outfit two. I have to get a picture of both the boys in their matching outfits before they move.

More outfits from Crissi...Hum I think Crissi has already spoiled Baby Mac!

Bea, one of my nursing buddies from work, made this quilt! Erin gave me this Monkey see Monkey do blanket! Lisa and Landy also gave me the lap pads.

A few little clothes to help keep this little one warm!

Two changing pad covers, and two sheets for the crib.

Thanks Lana for the so soft blanket and Crissi got these changing pads for me. Look closely, you'll see there are lambs on the changing pads.

Andrea Rocks!! Look at all her handy work! She made a hooter hider, a baby sling and three matching burp clothes. She even tested the sling with her bowling ball to make sure it was strong enough to hold a baby! haha I love her!

Colleen, also out did herself!

Mary and Danielle hooked me up with the Belly Bandit! It's supposed to help me get into my girlie figure post baby. And, Hey Jessica Abba used it so it must work ;-) A bottle warmer..Thanks Amy. Two small bottles from Beth Ann's Mom and baby cream from Danielle and Mary.

Crissi, being the experience momma that she is got me this travel changing pad. Which will come in so nicely in dirty public bathrooms. She also got me the first aid kit. Cat got me some nuk-nuk's too. Thanks girls!

A few airplane blankets and the airplane sleeper from Target. Gotta love the airplanes!

Robeez walking shoes from Landy, a mom of three boys! So, you know if she is recommending it it's gotta be great!

Cat also got me my first Bum Genius 3.0! I've taken it all apart and back together again. Although, I'll admit I am not entirely sure how it all works yet. Cat is going to have to show me how it all works once baby Hayden decides to make her grand entrance into this world.

Toys! The big lamb from Crissi has a blanketie attached with a silky lining. Perfect for a thumb sucker! A couple other small toys and a teething ring. The lady bug (also with a silky edge) is from my friend at work Bea and the Airplane and little lamb is from Momma.

Mary and Alicia started Baby Mac's library with these books. Evidently the dinosaur book is part of a series, so now I think I need the whole collection!

Grandma Shirley gave me this lamb several months ago. It plays, "Jesus Loves Me". Hopefully, Baby Mac won't get in trouble like I used to for playing my "Jesus Loves Me" over and over and over again when I was supposed to be falling asleep.

"Behold, Children are a gift of the Lord" Ps 127:3 Sara, who works at the frame shop, made this picture and framed it for me. I absolutely love it. I put it on the wall so it's the first thing I see as I enter the baby's room. I figured I'll need the reminder some nights!
Tiff, got me a Bouncer and from what I can tell already...I think he is going to love it!

Crissi also got me this little plaque.

Rachelle, Beth Ann and Lisa all went together and got me this AMAZING Baby Planet Eden basket and seat. I saw it at Baby's R Us before I was even pregnant and wanted it! I was hoping to have a boy because the only color it comes in is blue! haha Isn't that ridiculous! Well, either way we are having a boy and I probably would have still wanted it if we were having a girl.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my not so exciting blog post!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Burp Cloths

I was inspired by Colleen's amazing burp cloths that she made for my shower. So, I totally copied and decided to make some of my own.
These are for a little boy with a WWII inspired Airplane nursery.

Hubby also suggested making some Transformer burp cloths, but I vetoed that idea for now.

I made these from the left over material from the shopping cart cover I made for Lyn.

This was left over material too. Maybe, Erin will end up with a few of these once we find out if it's a boy or a girl!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I found this along time ago when looking at AK's blog I was inspired but, thought I didn't have time to Spring clean with this much gusto! But, now with baby Mac on the way and spring turning into summer I decided now is as good as time as any to get the house ready for it's newest member. Green means I actually completed that task!!!

Kitchen/Dining Room:
Remove cobwebs
Clean Light fixtures
Dust window sills
Clean the Window & Sliding Door (Inside & Out)
Wipe Fingerprints off Walls
Clean Microwave Inside & Out
Clean out Refrigerator
Clean off outside of Refrigerator
Clean off TOP of Refrigerator
Clean Oven
Clean Stove & Fan/Hood
Run Clean Cycle on Coffee Maker
Wash Canisters/Knick-Knacks
Clean and straighten cupboards and drawers
Clean off top (and under ledge) of Dining table and Polish
Dust the bottoms of the chairs.
Scrub Down Cabinet Fronts
Dust the baseboards
Clean Under Sink
Sweep and mop the floor

Living Room:
Remove cobwebs
Clean Ceiling Fan
Clean Light Fixtures
Clean Mini Blinds
Dust window sills and front door
Clean switch plate of hand prints and walls if needed
Clean phone
Clean pictures
Dust furniture and Mantle
Dust baseboards
Organize Bookshelves
Organize the coat closest

Vacuum under Couch Cushions
Vacuum the floor (including under furniture)

Laundry Room
Put all Purged Items in Car to Donate
Put away all Laundry
Look behind Appliances for socks, etc.
Remove Cobwebs
Clean Light Fixtures
Clean Window Inside & Out
Wipe Down the Top of the Washer and Dryer
Clean the Gunk from rim of Washer Door
Throw Out Empty Bottles and Trash
Empty the Trash
Clean Trash Can
Organize Cabinets & Drawers
Sweep and Mop Floor

Remove Cobwebs
Put away items that don't belong in hall
Clean Door Knobs, switch plate and walls of hand prints
Dust baseboards & Doors
Mop Floor

Master Bedroom:
Organize Dresser Drawers
Organize Nightstands
Organize Bookshelf
Anything to donate??
Clean Under Bed
Put Away Stray Items
Wash Mattress Pad, Sheets and Dust Ruffle
Remove Cobwebs
Wash Windows (Inside & Out)
Wash Mirror
Dust light fixtures
Dust Picture Frames and Other stuff
Dust Clock & Phone
Clean Ceiling Fan
Dust & Polish Furniture
Clean Fingerprints off Door, Walls & Switch plates
Vacuum Room Including Under Bed & Closet

Master Bathroom:
Remove Any Cobwebs
Clean Light fixtures/Light bulbs
Wash Area Rugs
Clean Bath
Clean Shower
Remove Water Spots from Shower Door
Clean Sink & Toilet
Wash Mirrors & Windows (Inside & Out)
Clean Switch plate
Clean Scale
Organize Makeup
Organize Drawers & Cabinets
Can anything else be thrown out/donated? GET RID OF IT!!
Empty Trashcan
Clean Trash Can
Wash Floor

Our Closets:
Get rid of all clothes that haven't been worn in a year
Put items back where they belong (winter stuff in winter storage)

Guest Bathroom:
Remove Any Cobwebs
Clean Light fixtures/Light bulbs
Wash Area Rug
Wash Shower Curtain
Clean Bath
Clean Sink & Toilet (Including down side)
Wash Mirror & Window (Inside & Out)
Clean Switch plate
Straighten Drawers & Cabinets
Can anything else be thrown out/donated? GET RID OF IT!!
Wash Floor

Guest Bedroom:
Organize Dresser Drawers
Put Away all Laundry that has accumulated
Organize Closet
Organize Bookshelf
Clean scrapbook stuff up
Clean Under Beds
Put Away Stray Items
Wash Mattress Pad, Sheets and Dust Ruffle
Flip Mattresses
Remove Cobwebs
Wash Mini blinds
Wash Window (Inside & Out)
Dust light fixture
Clean Fingerprints off Door & Walls
Vacuum Room Including Under Bed & Closet

Remove Cobwebs
Wash Window (Inside & Out) & Monitor
Dust light fixtures
Clear off Desk
Throw away all pens that don't work
Sharpen Pencils
Empty Pencil Sharpener
Toss Old Receipts
Empty Trash can
Clean Trash can
Dust Furniture
Check Supplies of paper, ink, stamps, cards and envelopes
Vacuum under desk and the whole room

Front Closet:
Sweep down cobweb and spider webs
Put Away all Boots/Winter Items
Put away all Stray Items

Clean and Vacuum Car
Wash Inside Windows
Take all Items to be donated
Sweep sidewalks
Wash any left over outside windows
Wash down patio furniture

I'll change the color once I've actually cleaned that item/area...whew I'm already tired...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hangin Around

My neighbor Crissi told me two days ago about the little baby Opossum that was hiding under her lawn mower. I'll admit I was a little bummed out to have not gotten a glimpse of the little guy. Then yesterday, when I was bring in the recycling binds I noticed something furry was in my hanging basket. I slowly backed up and peeked over the edge of the basket only to discover...a little baby possum fast asleep.

I know he looks so cute here in this picture, but we must remember he is a Opossum and they are annoying once they are adults. Also, they must get progressively uglier as they get older because I think his little pink nose it too cute right now.
I was hoping to catch a few more pictures of him this morning when I came home from work, but my baby opossum has disappeared for now. Maybe, he is back under the mower in Crissi's yard.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Remodel..and re-remodeled

Pinnacle informed me that May 12th was my lucky day! I would be graced with the presence of 4 men in my house speaking Spanish and installing new light fixtures in every room. They were at my house from 9am-4pm. Don't get me wrong they were pleasant and only doing their job. But, you see after they took down all MY light fixtures they then had to install THEIR light fixtures. Then after they left at 4:00pm I had to take down most of THEIR lights and re-install MY own lights.
MY lights that Pinnicale took down for me.

This is the new glowing ball in the Dining room from Pinnacle.

New ceiling fan..sigh... No offence Pinnacle, but I have much better taste in lighting fixtures.

The lights I had to re-reinstall.

I was excited when Crissi told me they were going to add a can light. Until, I saw where they added it! I asked the electrician why he didn't center the light above the sink. "uh, there are studs in the way, this was the only place I could put it" Okay, I get it. But, honestly! It looks so stupid! I like to think of the can light as the star that leads the sheppards to baby Jesus since my nativity is still on the shelf. As I told hubby, "We don't take down baby Jesus just because Christmas is over. Baby Jesus gets to stay up year round in this house!"

The new light in the bathroom are okay. However, they are really really bright. I think if someone was prone to seizure these lights might set them off. Of course, the bathroom did not look like this when my helper men left. They actually put back up the medicine cabinet with the vanity lights.
After they left I took down the medicine cabinets and found mirrors around the house that worked better. I think the bathrooms actually look nice now.

They put the same ceiling fans in the living room as the bedrooms. I don't have the energy to take down the bedroom ceiling fans yet. I might leave them because I hadn't changed out the bedroom lights yet. Only bummer was the in the baby's room they had to disconnect the fan part because I had installed a dimmer and the two where not compatible. Sorry baby Mac no fan for you. Last of all they added new outside lights. For this job I have no complaints! I think they did a decent job. I would have picked different lights, but I think they were trying to get the most bang for their buck! So, beware if Pinnacle comes a knocking at your door there are going to what to change all your lights!

Farewell J and BA

J's fini flight. This is the last time he will be flying the T-1 despite several attempts to double FAIP him. Pulling in! Hey, you better watch out!The tradition: The wife gets to spray Champlain all over her hubby! BA you did a great job!
Just when BA thought the battle was over, J gave her a great big wet hug! Oh isn't that sweet. BA I thought you said J wasn't affectionate!

"when you're the best of friends"

J and BA have officially checked out of Laughlin AFB. Do I blame them for leaving me behind? No, not really. But, I will miss BA terribly! Not only did I talk to this chic everyday, but we usually saw each other at least every day. It is only every now and then when you really find someone you totally click with and really like being around. BA is truly a best friend. The friendships that we developed reminds me of Michael W. Smith song "A Friends a friend forever, if the Lords the lord of them" And, that's is as cheesy as I get! Much love to BA. Can't wait to talk to you soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009


The before and after of lambs

Mom found these Home Interior for Kids Lambs at Goodwill a few months ago. I wasn't necessarily planning on a lamb theme in the baby's room, but I really liked them. Plus, Mom also gave me a little stuffed lamb that plays "Jesus Loves Me". The only thing that I didn't like about these lambs was their color.

So, I changed them a little bit. I added a light edging of glitter paint to their coats. Then, I painted their faces pink. Last of all, I painted their non realistic blue legs to grey. I think they turned out a lot cuter than they started.