Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Birthday

Our little boy has now turned one year old. One of his favorite things to do is play in water. He loves washing his hands, taking and bath and especially the pool! I thought it was only appropriate with an August birthday to have a pool party for him. The theme sharks and minnows. The cupcake did turn out a little scary for a first birthday, but trust me Wyatt did not seem to notice the sharks fierce look teeth and beady little eyes. All my little boy saw was frosting.
Shark cupcakes from the "Hello cupcake" book
Candy molds from Wilton. These took several days to complete and I was afraid I didn't have enough for all the kids. What I forgot to consider: chocolate melts in 90 degree weather. No one ate them! I ended up leaving them for the life guards. Who were grateful.
My favorite picture. Just look at that icing dripping off his face! This little boy melts my heart. I couldn't resist kissing his sweet little cheek and left lipstick as evidence. Oops!! Sorry little man.

11 Months

Now that Wyatt is 11 months old he is getting more vocal. One of his favorite words is "Brrrroomm, brroomm" he also loves wheels! So, I knew he would love being able to sit on this tractor and "fix" the wheels with his handy dandy wrench.